Refund Protect is a Membership programme which enables our clients (Members) to offer their customers an enhanced set of terms of conditions which in unforeseen circumstances outside of their control, enables their customer to apply for refund on non-refundable bookings.

The customer pays an “optional fee” which is set and collected by the Member on order for them to benefit from these enhanced terms & conditions on bookings which would normally be non-refundable.

Refund Protect process members’ customers refund applications using our unique refund platform whereby full refunds are paid directly to the customer’s account very quickly. We currently have an outstanding Trust Pilot score from our Members own customers.

All this is managed seamlessly through a very simple API integration.

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Refund Protect Members can be any company in the world which makes bookings that are non-refundable and who’s customers would like the ‘option’ of a refund in circumstances which are unforeseen and outside of their control.


We place your Customer at the heart of Refund Protect; we’ve designed the proposition to be the most complete ‘optional’ refund protection available on the market today. This means we enable your customers to apply for a refund in more circumstances than other providers.

Our in-house refund team will also consider on a discretionary basis Emergency Circumstances that are unforeseen and outside the control of your customer. Any refund that is not accepted will be approved by a Manager who will ensure due care and consideration has been shown to the customers situation.

We commit to handle all refund requests within 48 hours of receipt of the refund application from your customer.

In our opinion, the only thing that matters is how your customers feel about their experience as we represent your brand. We’ve developed a Customer Experience Policy and we publish our achievement of service levels on our website and within your account on the Protect Platform.